Rebetien band is a party of five musicians that perform songs and themes mostly derived from the rebetiko and the Greek traditional music repertoire, as well as compositions of their own.

The band’s nostalgic sound is reminiscent of the gramophone records’ period, often subtly combined with alternate, yet closely related, musical styles of various Eastern Mediterranean and Balkan musical traditions. 

Great emphasis is placed on the natural, acoustic sound of the instruments performing (accordion, bass-guitar, bouzouki and violin), the combination of which recalls in a sense the typical interwar bands of Smyrna, and on experimenting primarily with their arrangements, creating thus their own distinct sound and style.

With their large repertoire and style range, as well as their strongly improvisational disposition, Rebetien band’s mood can vary and go from melancholic and romantic to dynamic and uplifting.

Rebetien band performs weekly at various live-music taverns in Athens, and on occasion has performed at several live-music venues and music festivals in Greece and abroad.

Musicians of the band:
Kostis Kostakis: guitar, vocals
Avgerini Gatsi: accordion, vocals
Fotis Vergopoulos: bouzouki, vocals
Giannis Zarias: violin, baglamas
Giannis Katos: double-bass



Avgerini Gatsi // accordion, vocals

Avgerini Gatsi was born in Athens in 1989 with origins from the beautiful Ipiros. Her musical journey starts at the age of 8 on the piano with Maria Stoupi. Later on, she studies at the musical high school in Pallini where she learnt a lot of theory of the Byzantium and European music (harmonies), ney and saz. After completing her year 12 studies she continues on at the Athens conservatory with emphasis on modal music (makams) with Christos Tsiamoulis as a teacher. She also continues on the ney with Harris Lambrakis.

She now studies at the musical section of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and participates in the traditional band of the department. She has attended numerous seminars at the musical workshop Lavirinthos in Crete with Omer Erdogdular (ney), Yurdal Tokcan (oud), Zohar Fresco (rhythm), Mercan Erzincan (turkish grommet song), Ross Daly (composition – makams) και Socrates Sinopoulos (makams). She has also worked with Alexandros Papadimitrakis, Mihalis Kouloumis, Manousos Klapakis, Dimitris Brentas, Maria Ploumi, Stefanos Filos, Santouristas band and Elektrobalkana.



Fotis Vergopoulos // bouzouki, vocals

Fotis Vergopoulos was born on the 23/11/1988 in Melbourne, Australia. Before he even turned one his family relocated to his spiritual home in Koroni Messinias, Greece. His involvement with music comes at the young age of 6 with the main trigger being his father Nikos who was an inaugural member of the Apodimi Kompania who started off in Melbourne in the early 80’s.

After Fotis completes his year 12 studies, he returns to his birthplace and completes a Civil Engineering degree. During this time Fotis will really blossom into his musical journey and finds himself playing live at various venues and quite a few festivals (Brunswick Music Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival). Since late 2013 he has returned to Greece and resides in Athens.




Giannis Zarias // violin, baglamas

Born in Athens in 1975. He has, for a long series of years, been performing as a violinist, in various music bands of traditional and popular Greek music on stage (festivals, concerts etc) in Greece and abroad. He is also performing with various music bands of Balkan improvisational music.

Studied classical violin in Athens (diploma) and Jazz music in Netherlands (Conservatorium van Amsterdam). Obtained his PhD degree in Violin performance from the Department of Musical Science & Art, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece, where he has been also teaching Violin and other related classes of Traditional Greek music since 2007.

He also has a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.




Kostis Kostakis // guitar, vocals

Kostis Kostakis was born on the 3/4/1986 and grew up in Nea Ionia, Athens. His first involvement with the guitar will come at the age of 8. He started playing classical guitar whilst studying for about 5 years at a conservatory. In the later years of high school he will also start playing electric guitar and also be part of various bands with fellow musician friends.

He was always familiar with the Rebetika and Smirneika tunes due to his father who also is a keen accordion player. From the age of 18 he has been playing guitar professionally at various establishments.





Giannis Katos // double-bass

Giannis Katos was born on February 12, 1979 in Athens. At the age of 12 he started taking classical guitar and bouzouki lessons. He graduated from the Music School of Pallini in 1996 and since then is professionally engaged as bouzouki and bass player. Having started at the age of 18 he is now an accomplished artisan on stringed instrument construction, having participated in several international trade fairs for the musical industry.

He has undertaken musicology and philosophy courses at the Univercity of Aberdeen [UK], and as of 2015 has been involved in teaching at lutherie making and repair workshops.